Inside Miramar: Integrative Addiction Treatment

Despite being located in the L.A. area, our drug rehab centers frequently treat individuals from places as far away as San Francisco and beyond. Why is it that people come to us from so far away? The answer of course, is the quality of our integrative care.

Our program offers individualized care in a limited-enrollment setting to ensure that each person who enters our facilities will receive the treatment they need. Ours is a non-12-step program, one that focuses instead on integrative addiction treatment that addresses all aspects related to an addiction.

As such, our treatment experts evaluate and treat the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of our patients. This includes a wide range of therapies to address each of these elements.

For example, patients in our drug rehab centers have their physical needs addressed through a physical wellness program that includes nutrition and medication management, massage, yoga and other physical activities. We also use a mix of individual and group therapy to help address the mental and emotional needs of our patients.

This complete approach makes our treatment significantly more effective than traditional drug rehab centers. By addressing not only the physical symptoms of addiction, but also the underlying issues that fuel the problem, we are able to help individuals from San Francisco and elsewhere receive the help they need to stay clean and have a successful future.


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