Integrative Treatment vs. Traditional Treatment

Integrative Addiction Treatment

  • Significantly more successful treatment outcomes than traditional treatment

  • Proactively addresses underlying causes of addiction - not reactive

  • Comprehensive assessment and treatment of deficiencies, imbalances, and/or pathologies in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of overall human health

  • Addresses and treats the underlying, unresolved issues that drive addiction, such as pain, trauma, abuse, injury, depression, anxiety, etc.

  • Focuses on the ‘whole’ person, not just one isolated issue

  • Emphasizes the crucial interdependence of each of the human sensibilities and their collective affect on the complete being

Traditional Treatment

  • High relapse rate - 65% or greater within 90 days of discharge from treatment

  • Reacts to symptoms of addiction, rather than treating them

  • Promotes limited methods of coping with addiction causes and symptoms