An intervention is a structured, solution-oriented process aimed at persuading someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs to receive the treatment that they need. Ideally, Family and friends are involved throughout this process, which is orchestrated by a professional interventionist. The intervention provides a catalyst for treatment and healing for everyone affected by substance abuse.


Initially, the interventionist will interview family and loved ones to gain information and insight into the addict’s situation. The interventionist will then schedule the actual intervention. For the highest chance of success, it is recommended that the intervention remain unknown to the addict. The interventionist will meet with those participating beforehand for the final discussion and planning. The intent of the process is that the substance abuser goes directly into a treatment program accompanied by the interventionist.


The rate of success with a seasoned, effective interventionist is over 90%. When uneducated family or friends attempt an intervention, without professional direction and assistance, the success rate is less than 10%. The interventionist’s role in the addict’s healing process does not end when the addict is admitted into a treatment program. The interventionist remains a vital source for support from the beginning of treatment to completion, and often beyond.  They are always available to assist, whenever needed.

Miramar Addiction Treatment Center affiliates with and endorses a few proven interventionists of the highest caliber. We gladly assist in connecting families and friends of prospective clients with an interventionist. We understand how critical it is to achieve success the first time.

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