Intoxicated and Insistent: How to Handle Friends Who Want to Drive Drunk

When someone is under the influence of alcohol, sound judgment is replaced with impulsive behavior. Even if a friend intends to let the designated driver take him home, once he’s drunk that may not be the case. As the sober friend, it is your responsibility to make sure innocent people on the road remain safe.

That may mean using extreme measures to keep a drunk friend from driving. One technique that is almost as successful as alcohol treatment centers is to be the “key keeper” throughout the night. Making friends hand over their keys before the drinking starts will keep them from being able to change their minds.

However, if it is too late to use the “key keeper” strategy and drunk friends start heading to their cars and the packed streets of San Diego, drastic measures must be taken. It is okay to call a cab and try to remove the friend’s keys in the meantime.

It also may be necessary to be assertive, and that is okay. Just like when trying to convince addicts to go to alcohol treatment centers, serious situations call for serious action. Don’t let inaction put innocent drivers at risk.

No measures are too drastic in this case. Drunk driving on the streets of San Diego or anywhere else is extremely dangerous and could ultimately cost lives.


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