Is Micro-dosing Really a Safe Alternative?

Recent news stories have reported that micro-dosing—or taking small amounts of LSD and other psychedelic drugs—has been gaining popularity in some circles around the world. But what many in Laguna Beach, Calif. and elsewhere likely don’t realize is that this habit sets a dangerous trend that could cause many to need the help of drug rehab.

Little research has been done on the effects of micro-dosing and its effects—indeed, the only reports thus far have been entirely anecdotal (and it’s highly unlikely that advocates would wish to report on possible negative effects). Users claim that taking small doses allow them to improve the performance of daily tasks, without experiencing any hallucinogenic effects.

However, these claims of improved performance are interesting to contrast with a commonly cited side effect of LSD use—“an artificial sense of euphoria or certainty.” The reports of improved performance could very easily be the result of altered mental perception caused by the drugs. In actuality, an individual’s performance may have suffered because of the micro-dosing, but their perception was altered to believe they were performing above average.

While clear conclusions are unlikely to arise without concrete research, there are enough individuals in Laguna Beach and across the nation that struggle with addictions to LSD and other hallucinogenic substances to show that the surest way to avoid drug rehab is to avoid these harmful substances altogether—even in small doses.


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