'Just Trying it Once' Could Cost a Lifetime

The world of drugs is a frightening one, full of addiction and other undesirable consequences. For some people though, it seems like harmless fun. Their mentality is to “just try it once.” The problem is that quite often, trying it “just once” is not really possible.

Especially with strong drugs like heroin or meth, only one dose can be enough to make a person addicted for a lifetime, eventually requiring them to go to drug rehab. Even softer drugs can rope someone in with one use. After all, different people react differently to drugs. Some have a higher tendency toward addiction and for them the “just once” rule is impossible.

Trying a drug once also gives friends a green flag to convince you to try it again. Once they see someone give in, they won’t see why they shouldn’t do it again. This peer pressure is very prevalent, especially among young teenagers in Los Angeles and across the states.

Giving in once means that there is no resolve and no firm commitment to not use drugs or alcohol again and again. While it may seem harmless, the “just try it once” mentality can be a fateful decision that destroys the rest of a person’s life.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to drug or alcohol abuse, find a rehab center in Los Angeles or a location near you to gain your life back.


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