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July 25, 2008
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July 25, 2008
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Kentucky Study finds Addiction Treatment Beneficial to Society as Well

The State of Kentucky saved $10 million in a year because of its substance abuse treatment. This was according to the report that was presented by the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research at the University of Kentucky. These savings translate to about $4.98 for every dollar that was spent on providing addiction treatment.

The study consisted of follow-up reports on 906 participants who were discharged from publicly funded treatment programs a year earlier. According to the research, a year after treatment, these people committed fewer crimes, were more productive at work and were less likely to resort to substance abuse again. According to Robert Walker, professor at the University and head of the research, this “suggests that treatment services not only benefit the individual but serve the society at large.” The study did not focus on any particular type of treatment. Instead, it randomly picked out its subjects from different treatment programs funded by the state. The participants have undergone various types of rehab services including detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatments and case management. The average cost of treatments for each individual was at $2,300.

Aside from helping the state save millions, the study found that, a year after undergoing treatment, more than 70% of the participants haven’t taken liquor in the past month and more than eighty percent have never taken enough to be intoxicated. 88% of the subjects hasn’t used prohibited drugs in the past month and 47% reportedly have full-time jobs as opposed to the less than thirty percent who were employed before treatment. Their average income has also increased to $933 a month from $445.

The research concluded that the biggest savings that the state experienced was attributed to a substantial drop in the state’s crime rate.

The study recommends improvements in state-funded treatment by gearing towards community-based approaches. Curiously, however, Kentucky is still yet to increase its funding for addiction treatment.

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