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It has long been believed by both scientists, as well as by the not-so-scientific community alike that depression stems from the cells, passed on through the family gene pool, and leaving no mysteries unraveled as to why an entire family was full of melancholic people. It is already a known fact that a stressful or traumatic event inevitably leads to people being upset, but a study done on families grieving show how some members may be more predisposed to depression while others coped with the loss of a love one in a far better and more controlled manner.
To understand this, researchers started investigating the role of genes, and managed to zero in on the serotonin transporter gene aka 5-HTT, which regulates the level of serotonin in the brain. Every human has two copies of the 5-HTT gene, either of which may be a short variant or a long variant. Apparently, individuals who carried at least a single copy of the short allele are more vulnerable to depression, while those individuals who carried two copies of the long allele are more protected from it. Miramar recovery center can help you understand further how this chemical balance in the body may cause a predisposition towards depression in a person.
However, counter studies reveal that it is near impossible that a screening of the 5-HTT gene would be a suitable method to tell if it was only a particular gene that played a part in the melancholy mood of a person, considering the human body has around 30, 000 genes in it. The question of analyzing just a single gene makes it difficult to rely on it as a screening tool for depression, although it does help tell patients which anti-depressant drugs they would be most likely to respond to.
It isn’t necessary though, that only individuals carrying that particular set of genes fell into depression – sometimes, traumatic events like life changing accidents, those facing financial crisis’s, physical abuse, or perhaps those who have somehow broken away from close relationships are all reasons one may develop these stresses in life, and fall prey to depression. At Miramar Drug Rehabilitation and Residential Treatment Center information concerning the various causes of depression can be obtained, and a way for individuals to guide their way either around or through it can be leaned with help from experienced and competent professionals.
A lot of people are unable to cope with depression, and turn to the use of drugs and alcohol to help them cope with the way they perceive the hand that life has dealt them. The abuse of prescription drugs is an ugly reality one has to face, and helping is essential heal the people hooked on to these damaging substances. Narcotics and opiates physically as well as psychologically cause great damage to a person, and care needs to be administered by those equipped with a capable staff as well as medical resources and a calm, serene environment to help start the healing process for those battling with the demons of life. More information about the very same can be found on, where ample information regarding genetics, depression and their further cures can be understood and addressed.


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