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Our Laguna Beach rehab revolves around providing the perfect combination of safe addiction detox with the highest-quality inpatient treatment, all with a pristine ocean backdrop. This makes Miramar Recovery the optimal choice for drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County.

Miramar Recovery has been evaluated by the Joint Commission and has been fully accredited by meeting its rigorous requirements. The Joint Commission appraises and certifies health care organizations and communities to ensure they offer patients the highest level of safety and care.

We offer patients a specialized medical drug and alcohol detox overseen by a dedicated team of rehab specialists utilizing various medications and other treatment support systems to help deal with any discomfort and break the cycle of substance abuse.

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Our Laguna Beach Rehab Location

339 Jasmine St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Laguna Beach Alcohol Rehab

Miramar Recovery Centers offers a gorgeous setting in addition to superb treatment for alcohol addiction. We understand any hesitation or anxiety you may feel about starting alcohol rehab, but undergoing treatment is the best choice you can make to protect your health and your future.

You will receive customized treatment to achieve long-lasting sobriety at our center based on our evidence-based therapies such as our non-12-Step rehab program and family therapy. Simply by reaching out to us, we can discuss all of our treatment options in much greater detail based on your needs.

Have questions? Call us at (949) 334-5961 for help.

Admissions Process

Don’t be overwhelmed by beginning your treatment process. Let’s start on the road to recovery together.

At Miramar Recovery, offering individualized care is our priority, and we keep our patients’ needs front and center each day. We exist to provide the very best addiction treatment possible at an affordable price, here in the heart of Laguna Beach.

Our Treatment Programs

Our Laguna Beach-based rehab center is a place where both men and women can recover from the substance abuse they’ve been struggling with and the mental illness or trauma that plagues them as well, often known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder.

Set against the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, our experienced and passionate team of clinicians and specialists create the right environment where you or your loved one can begin to heal and be equipped to reenter the world.

Addiction Detox

Miramar Recovery provides independent and specialized addiction detoxification programs managed by a team of specialists using a range of medications and addiction treatment to handle the physical withdrawal symptoms.

The first order of business at this point is to make the detoxification process safe and comfortable, which our talented physician partners facilitate.

Drug and alcohol detox can seem overwhelming, so much so that the thought can discourage some from seeking the help they need. At our Laguna Beach rehab center, you will be in good hands for the duration of your detox process. Afterwards, you can move on to the rehab program where your triggers and habits can be addressed by highly-trained professionals.

The path from addiction to freedom may not be easy, but it is more than worth it, and our treatment programs are designed to guide you down the first steps toward recovery.

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What are my Options for Addiction Treatment?

In most cases, the severity of the addiction and the types of drugs that are being abused will ultimately determine the most appropriate treatment option that should be considered. The typical list of options that are frequently seen among addiction treatment facilities are as follows:

Detox programs are usually the initial step of the recovery process. These programs involve carefully reducing the drug use in the patient while in a sage and proper environment. This process can be dangerous and even life-threatening if attempted alone. Miramar Recovery acts as a Laguna treatment hospital by ensuring the safety of each patient during the program being monitored round-the-clock and making sure medications are taken on time.

Our detox program offers medication-assisted treatment to help individuals overcome withdrawal symptoms and avoid the risk of relapse. We create a calm and healthy atmosphere so patients feel comfortable and that this is not a process they have to do alone.

Inpatient or residential treatment is a fast and effective way to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Inpatient treatment programs allow participants to focus on their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction primarily. Residential treatment is often the best chance for a successful recovery.

Individuals who take part in outpatient rehab programs are typically those who had recently completed their stay at a treatment facility for inpatient rehab. Although medication-assisted treatment and individual or group therapy sessions may continue after the transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment, you will no longer reside at the facility. Our outpatient programs at Miramar Recovery in Laguna Beach are designed so that as patients continue to progress in their recovery, the number of scheduled appointments begin to drop.

The primary objective of sober living programs is to conduct themselves as an inpatient program, but also encourage and assist individuals with a smooth transition as they return to the real world. Sober living has proven to be an ideal option for those people who may want a little additional time learning how to reinforce the skills and coping techniques that they had learned in the previous programs at the rehab center. 

Recovering addicts in sober living homes have the opportunity to receive a high-level continuum of care. These people are able to practice and become more familiar to newly developed healthier habits while still benefiting from a structured environment.

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Facilities in Orange County

Laguna Hills

Our Laguna Hills Addiction Treatment Center is in the heart of Orange County. This Location serves as the hub of our program. Here we offer outpatient services for our clients living in the area. Laguna Hills is an ideal location for recovery. With nearby sober living facilities and 12-step meetings, this area has a great sober community.

Newport Beach

Our Corona Del Mar residence in Newport Beach is located in one of Orange County’s most beautiful beach communities.  Our residential addiction treatment center in the picturesque sea-side community of Corona Del Mar is the perfect place to gain perspective on your life.  Local outings into the area will show our clients how to enjoy a life in recovery and enjoy every moment.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a unique town with a well-established community of recovery.  Clients staying at our residential treatment center in Laguna Beach will be able to soak in the culture of art and creativity while enjoying beach activities.  With an abundance of nearby 12-Step Meetings, Laguna Beach is a great place to make friends in recovery.


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