For many individuals, attending drug or alcohol rehab centers means leaving work, family and friends far behind. But at Miramar Recovery Centers, our treatment facilities are located conveniently close to Irvine, meaning that those with a substance abuse disorder can continue to rely on the support of family and others while undergoing the recovery process.

Indeed, the involvement of family and other loved ones is often integral to the success of an individual’s recovery, something we know quite well at Miramar. Because of this, our program features weekly therapy sessions with both the individual in recovery and his or her family members. We also provide additional counseling and education for family members so they can better understand how to help their loved one.

Families in Irvine and elsewhere have benefited from our comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs. Our individualized treatment methods, as well as the continued family contact and support that is possible during treatment helps prepare individuals prepare for the transition to a healthy, sober life after rehab.

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