San Jose

When it comes to receiving addiction recovery treatment from drug and alcohol rehab centers, quality care is generally of the top priority. As such, we at Miramar Recovery Centers frequently help patients from locations as distant as San Jose and beyond.

Our comprehensive, individualized treatment helps addicts do more than just break free from the physical cravings associated with addiction. Our team of specialists also includes psychologists, dietitians and others so that other lasting lifestyle changes can be made to increase one’s chances of remaining sober after treatment.

Other drug or alcohol rehab centers try to treat large groups of people, which can limit the ability of such programs to meet specialized needs. At Miramar, we believe that providing the best service to small groups allows patients from San Jose and beyond to receive the attention and individualized care they need to truly overcome an addiction, while maintaining a peaceful, home-like environment. Contact us today if you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from our comprehensive treatment.

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