Santa Barbara

Addiction is a serious problem in Santa Barbara and across the country, resulting in serious health complications and tearing families apart when left unchecked. Treatment is of vital importance, but many find themselves unsure of where to turn when help is needed. And frequently, the effects of one’s addiction can also create serious problems for family and other loved ones.

At our drug and alcohol rehab centers, addicts and their families receive the counseling, treatment and other forms of support necessary to make a full and lasting recovery. Our facilities provide comprehensive, individualized treatment for addicted individuals, as well as provide counseling and educational services to loved ones who may also need help during this trying experience. For families in Santa Barbara who cannot attend these sessions in person, phone conferences are available.

While overcoming an addiction is not easy, it is certainly worth the effort. If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from the services of our drug and alcohol rehab centers, contact us today.

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