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Through the glitz and glamor of what Los Angeles is, the pressure of high-powered living and being centered in the picturesque idea of American life can create stressors that are unimaginable. In attempts to relax and socialize, a casual drink can sometimes be that icebreaker in a business appointment or a gathering of friends. In some cases, however, alcohol can lead to a disease that is treacherous and damaging.

Alcoholism is one of the most common diseases known, reaching far into people's families and lifestyles. In many cases, people have the ability to be functional alcoholics, where they can drink excessively and still maintain their daily responsibilities no functions. At some point, however, functional alcoholism can lead to neglecting your daily responsibilities and destroying the healthy relationships that have been built prior to developing an alcohol issue. At any point in the alcoholism process, recognizing that there is an issue is the first step to recovery.

Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab Center in Los Angeles

Once alcoholism is identified, understanding that there are resources that can help a person get through it and get back on the path to healthy lifestyle choices. In many instances, alcoholism is not the only issue that a person may be dealing with. It could also involve unmanaged stressors, anxiety, depression and a montage of other issues that need to be tackled in the recovery process. Our trained professionals are driven to work with our clients to treat the entire person and the multifaceted things that may impact their addiction.

The alcohol addiction recovery process begins with detoxification. This involves ridding the body of the toxins that alcohol has introduced to the client’s system. Our team is medically trained to assist our clients with getting through the detoxification process as comfortably as possible. In many instances, their bodies have not had a chance to rest and take in the beauty of the Los Angeles sunshine. Our team will work hard to make the palm trees unmuzzled and get our clients back to living their best lives.

From there, we work with our clients to set up a comprehensive alcohol rehab plan. This plan is a roadmap to get our clients through the recovery process and paint an idea of what the next steps will be to get them happy and healthy and living through their alcohol addiction.

Los Angeles-based Alcoholism Recovery

Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment

Through the recovery journey, we offer many different options to assist our clients in making healthier choices. Our approach is both medically and holistically motivated and involves many different approaches to better health. Through treating underlining causes that might exist, our professionals may offer one-on-one therapy, comprehensive education to teach about addiction, and family therapy options to give our client the best foundation to get through their journey.

Along with our rehab plans, we offer acupuncture, meditation, yoga and many other alternative medicine approaches that will lead to strengthening physical and mental health. While using these treatment options, we also offer activity therapy to assist our clients in making healthier choices when faced with triggers that might lead to returning to addictive behaviors. Through beach activities, exercise, hiking, art and other activities, we expose our clients to healthy options that will strengthen them and enhance their journey to sobriety and recovery.

While we can begin the recovery process with our clients and provide a safe space within our alcohol rehab centers to begin the recovery process, the real work will happen once the person is back in their familiar environment, outside of the safe space that our treatment program can offer. We understand that and set up a comprehensive discharge plan to set our clients up for life after treatment and continued recovery. We assist with outpatient treatment setup and providing our clients with resources for utilizing while they are back in their daily routines.

We offer many solutions; whether it be with outside groups that enhance their recovery journey or therapy options to continue to address the issues that were discussed while in inpatient treatment. We do everything we can to put resources in place to keep our client on the road to life after addiction and the strength to continue to build on the positive progress they made while in treatment.

Are you in Los Angeles and need a way to get back to living your best life? Is alcohol an issue that you acknowledge you need help with. We are here to help. You do not have to travel the journey through addiction alone. Give us the chance to support you as you take the next steps to take back your life from alcohol addiction and abuse, and regaining the freedom that recovery will give you to be the best you can be. Call our rehab center today for a free consultation.

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