Making the Most of Group Therapy

Though many recovering addicts are initially embarrassed to attend group therapy programs, many simply don’t know how important and effective they can be for long-term recovery and sobriety. Not surprisingly, our alcohol treatment centers in Riverside and elsewhere make group therapy an integral part of the recovery process. But to make the most of group therapy, it’s essential that patients are willing to participate and share their stories.

In order to make the most of a group therapy experience, one must be fully alert and ready to participate. Group therapy is vital during recovery, as it allows individuals to be surrounded by others who are going through similar battles. By opening your ears and having an open mind about therapy, you can gain some valuable advice from others and possibly inspire other participants.

Group therapy also prevents recovering addicts from feeling alone or isolated. Oftentimes, recovering addicts feel ashamed and alone. The supportive sense of community that comes from group therapy breaks down any walls of isolation that an addict has built.

Participating in group therapy at our alcohol treatment centers in Riverside and throughout California is an essential part of the recovery process. No one should feel embarrassed at the thought of attending group counseling sessions; thousands of recovering addicts find comfort and peace after they attend just one session.


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