Many Women Do Not Understand the Link Between Breast Cancer and Alcohol Intake

According to a research from the UK Department of Health’s Know Your Limits campaign, more than 80% of women in the United Kingdom are unaware that alcohol intake can increase their risk of developing breast cancer. The General Household Survey found that around four million women admit to drinking more than the daily recommended limit of two to three units of alcohol. This is equal to on large glass of wine daily.
Research shows that alcohol intake can increase the risk for breast cancer. The more alcohol you drink, the more you become at risk of developing this health concern. “Drinking, on average, one unit of alcohol per day increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer by about six percent. This risk increases by a further six percent for each additional unit of alcohol consumed on a daily basis.”
Alcohol consumption is among the risk factors for breast cancer that women can actively change. The research imparts an important advice on how women should be more aware about how much alcohol they are consuming and to practice discipline in drinking.
According to policy manager Dr Sarah Cant of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, “Drinking moderate or high levels of any type of alcoholic drink has many health consequences, including an increased chance of developing breast cancer. Although many factors might affect our risk of getting breast cancer, limiting how much we drink is one thing we can do to try to reduce that risk – it’s never too late to change your drinking habits.”
Alcohol intake is among the identified risk factors for breast cancer. While it the causes of the disease are yet to be established, researchers and experts are inclined to believe that the cause is a combination of lifestyle, hormonal, genetic and lifestyle factors. In many females, aging is one of the biggest risk factor. The earlier the cancer is detected, the better the chances are for successful treatment of the issue.
This serves as an eye-opener on how alcoholism can have long-term effects on your health. Now is a good time as any to get alcohol treatment.
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