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There are two main approaches in the treatment of substance abuse. One, is a traditional 12-Step Program, and the other is a Non-12 Step Program. The Non-12 Step, applies methods which are not built around one single generic model, but rather implements various tactics, depending on each individual’s needs and circumstances, surrounding their addiction.
There are certain featured principles that a Non-12 Step Program will use, listed as follows:
Every person who enrolls in a Non-12 Step, will have their situation analyzed based on their own unique and specific needs, and then whatever approaches the counselor recommends, are disclosed to that individual.
Another tenet of  a Non-12 Step, is studying  why the addiction exists, due to underlying problems within the individual, and developing a strategy to address those issues and terminate them, thus ending the cycle.
A Non-12 Step Program does not stress a belief that having an addiction is like having a disease with no cure. Instead, emphasis is highlighted towards finding the strength inside a person, making them aware of the positive energy, and harnessing its power towards fighting the causes of the dependency, which is believed to be weaker than the individual.
Non-12 Steps treat the individual through personal and private interaction, as opposed to through a group. Group therapy, as an additional supplement, is not discouraged, but left up to the patient to decide if they would like to be involved in that approach.
There is no requisite about believing that God or a higher being, has to be a primary focus in the addict’s life. Instead, concentration on building up faith in oneself, is encouraged.
Maintaining the individual’s privacy involving the substance abuse problem that they are having, is another principle of a Non-12 Step Program, rather than urging the person to disclose all previous problems associated with the dependency, to the people that are included in their life.


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