How Non 12-Step Program helpful to educate Drug or Alcohol Addict?

Searching within oneself, in order to discover why they are turning to drugs or alcohol, is a very important focus that Non-12 Step Programs emphasis. Looking for issues that need to be resolved, rather than numbed by substance abuse, are believed to be the source of the addiction. Non-12 Step Programs are certain that although these underlying factors are actually stronger than the substance dependency, they are not stronger than the individual themself. Professional counselors who have expertise in the treatment of addiction, urge the addict that addressing these problems will help end the addiction, and to not assume that they will always have some sort of dependency or weakness to the substance.
Non-12 Step Programs also educate the person attending, that addiction is a learned behavior, rather than a disease that is not curable. Finding the strength within oneself, and directing it to a healthy and truthful lifestyle change, is part of the foundation of Non-12 Step Programs.
There are usually more services that are offered through a Non-12 Step Program. Private and personal counseling are standard, yet a complete physical detoxification is sometimes recommended, depending on the severity of the individual’s condition. Life-skill courses and after-treatment care, are also some extra services that a Non-12 Step may offer. Offering more variations of services, also means the duration of the person attending, will be longer, than at a traditional 12-Step Program. This will only increase their chance of recovery.
The Non-12 Step Program’s ability to be flexible with the members who attend, makes it a much more comfortable treatment program to be involved with, and not accentuated on a model that may not fit into today’s contemporary society.
Attendance in group meetings, is not part of a Non-12 Step Program. Attention is directed instead, to each person’s unique and special needs. This also ensures that the privacy of the condition of each person is protected and respected, with only the professionals that operate the Non-12 Step Program.


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