On-Site Detoxification


The Miramar Treatment Center is fully licensed by the State of California for on-site substance detoxification.

We utilize two licensed and experienced physicians to manage the detoxification process for our clients who need to do so, prior to commencing the treatment program.

  • Addictionologist, ASAM MD
  • Psychiatrist, MD

Detoxification Process


  • Initial comprehensive medical history and physical, including lab work – Licensed M.D.
  • Assessment and resolution of ancillary medical conditions – Licensed M.D.
  • Initial psychiatric evaluation and medication management – Licenced M.D.

Time Period

Detox periods vary from a few to several days, depending on the client and the nature of the abused substances. Our clients respond very well to the detox protocols and can usually participate in treatment and adjunct activities, once they are a couple of days into the drug or alcohol detox period.


Ours are among the most luxurious accommodations available, where our clients can rest comfortably and quietly, during their detox period.

Private and semi-private rooms

Bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms for privacy and convenience


In addition to our physician monitoring, our 24-hour house staff monitors the vital signs and general well-being of our detoxifying clients on a very frequent, regular interval, both day and night.


Our chefs also provide soothing and comfortable food and beverages to ensure proper nutrition and full hydration for maximum comfort.

We are committed to doing everything possible to provide the most comfortable and restful detoxification possible for our clients.

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