One in Ten Americans Face Drug Disorders

Drug rehab centers in Escondido, Calif. and other locations help thousands of adults struggling with addiction every year. And according to a recent study published by JAMA Psychiatry, nearly one in ten Americans suffer from a drug use disorder in their lifetime.

This figure may seem shocking to some, but with the rise in popularity of recreational drugs, prescription drug use and illegal substances, it’s no wonder so many Americans are suffering.

Time reported that those who faced a drug disorder were more commonly “men, young unmarried adults, people with lower education and income, and white and Native American groups.” Alcohol and nicotine abuse were also more common among people with mental health issues such as depression.

CBS News reported that the study used criteria such as “craving, withdrawal, lack of control and negative effects on personal and professional responsibilities” to classify people as having a drug disorder. Conditions such as these can inhibit people from keeping employment and significantly damage relationships.

Whether in Escondido or another location, it’s clear that more Americans should be taking advantage of the many drug rehab centers available across the country. The proper treatment can help with the short and long term effects of drug use. Those who get help may influence others to follow suit and avoid future drug disorders.


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