Online Addiction Tests: Are They Accurate?

Addiction can be an inherited tendency, a development over time or something that just comes out of nowhere and sends you to a drug rehab center. Although some people in San Diego and elsewhere think addiction will never pervade their lives, others may wish to take an online addiction test in order to measure behaviors.

Online addiction tests are just like any other psychological quiz out there. They may have some merit, but should not be the sole reason you make a decision to seek help. It is simply a way to indicate if seeing a professional is a needed step.

Addiction tests are most useful when someone has been using a substance and worries that it may be getting out of hand. It will not necessarily indicate if you have natural tendencies towards addiction, but it can help evaluate if recent behaviors point to addiction.

It is important to be aware of behaviors regarding potentially dangerous substances. Sometimes a simple prescription can turn into a dependency and quickly lead to drug rehab in San Diego or anywhere else. Online tests can at least push a person in the right direction toward receiving outside help.

Typical online addiction quiz questions will ask about your recent behavior relating to a substance, what your psychological process is regarding that substance, and how often your mind reflects on a substance over and over.

It may not always be accurate, but the addiction test can do no harm. It is better to have questioned behavior rather than deny signs of addiction. If ignored, these types of habits can become incredibly hard to break without the help of drug rehab.


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