The Common Unknown facts of Opiate addiction

The acknowledgment of any particular disease helps everyone receive the appropriate treatment program to overcome the deadly disease. According to reports, most people in the world are not fully aware about the nature of various diseases. In fact, there are several other diseases which are perceived with severe misconceptions that lead to fatal consequences. Opiate addiction is one such disease that has engulfed people worldwide and has been perceived with potential misconceptions. Opiate addiction has been experienced by Americans in their early ages. Despite efforts by the Government, there is no respite from opiate addiction and its production. It is important to understand the prospects of opiate addiction to find the better programs for your particular situation. Apparently, some Americans who are still unaffected by opiate addiction believe that they are safe. On the contrary, the fact is all Americans are affected by opiate addiction as everyone pays the cost of it. Opiate addiction costs 484 American dollars which includes healthcare costs, lost job wages, traffic accidents, and the associated criminal justice system costs. The other fact is that over 22 percent of road accidents in America are caused by the drivers under the influence of opiate. According to several reports and surveys, there is a quintessential relation between drug and crime. Opiate is a powerful nervous stimulant that results in unpredictable mood swings too. Some mood swings are extremely aggressive which result in heinous crimes by the users. In America, at least half of all major crimes are related to opiate addiction or any other drug. In other words, half of the criminals caught for criminal offences were under the influence of opiate addiction.  It is regretful to acknowledge but the truth is that about 70 percent of opiate addiction stems from stress. Apparently, psychological influences can play an integral role in enhancing the prospect of opiate addiction. Simultaneously, according to medical surveys conducted by accredited institutes, two-thirds of people under the opiate drug treatment programs have accepted to have sexually abused in childhood. This represents a heinous picture of child abuse in the country which is mostly resulted by opiate addiction.

According to world drug report, current illicit Opiate use rates remained stable from 2005 to 2006 with youths aged 12 to 17 which, however, declined significantly between 2002 and 2006 for illicit drugs in general and for several specific drugs, including marijuana, hallucinogens, LSD, Ecstasy, prescription-type drugs used non-medically, pain relievers, tranquilizers, and the use of illicit drugs other than marijuana.


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