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An intervention is a structured conversation that is built around the goal of persuading someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs to get help.  Typically this conversation will feature input from family members, friends, and loved ones.   The process is guided  by a professional interventionist.  The intervention provides a catalyst for addiction treatment and allows everyone to begin the healing process that can begin once recovery begins.

When someone decides to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction.  The first step is to safely remove the substance from their system.  In most cases this involves an uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous, detox process.  Because of the medical complications that can arise from quitting drugs or alcohol, it’s important to do so under the careful supervision of medical experts.  

Unlike outpatient treatment, a residential or inpatient treatment program offers 24-hour care. At Miramar Recovery, you’ll live in a facility with other people in recovery under the guidance of our experienced staff of rehabilitation professionals. This type of care allows you to get help immediately whenever you need it rather than having to wait for an appointment. Residential treatment ensures that you’re under the watchful eye of medical doctors, therapists, and addiction specialists. 

Outpatient addiction treatment is similar, but you don’t live at the treatment facility full time. While you still get many of the same services, you’ll still live at home.  During the day, or after work, people in an outpatient program come into the facility for several hours to receive treatment and medications.

This is a very viable option for those who come to Miramar and need assistance, but don’t necessarily need around-the-clock care.

We understand that a client’s after-treatment plan can be even more important than the initial intensive treatment plan. For this reason, we focus great resources and expertise in formulating a comprehensive, detailed continuing-care plan for every client to ensure lasting recovery. Depending on the unique requirements of each client, we formulate a rigorous, structured plan for them to follow.

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Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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