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Miramar Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery

Drug addiction is one of the most discouraging, destructive behaviors that acutely affects not only the addict, but everyone who cares about him or her. Whether the addiction is to prescription medication or controlled substances, those who suffer from drug dependence steadily degenerate to the point that they seem to cease being who they once were.

The acquisition and consumption of drugs typically overrides all other considerations in the addict’s life. Jobs, interests, and most importantly, relationships, are typically neglected and ultimately destroyed. The addict becomes nothing but a ‘shell’ of the person they were and the person they are meant to be.

But life doesn’t have to be lived this way by anyone. Thanks to the work of drug rehab centers, healing is a reality for those caught in the vice of drug addiction, as well as for family and loved ones, who are also greatly affected by the addiction.

Drug Addiction Considerations

Continued and prolonged drug use actually alters the brain’s function and even its internal structure. Drugs are appealing to the addict because they act on the ‘pleasure and reward’ centers of the brain. Addicts seek and consume drugs to access that ‘pleasure’ center or system of the brain. However, over time, the brain becomes accustomed to the affects of the drug and higher levels of it are required to achieve the desired euphoria that was easily attained, initially, with minimal amounts of the drug.

Causes of Drug Addiction

The causes of drug addiction are many. Commonly, there are co-occurring conditions present, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar, attention disorders, or others that can facilitate addiction. But most often, drug abuse is a behavioral mechanism used by the addict to insulate or cope with painful, unresolved issues in his or her life. These underlying issues typically include some form of trauma, abuse, neglect, or other problems.

Drug Addiction Treatment

At Miramar Recovery, we have created a proven successful, comprehensive drug addiction treatment program, whose primary focus is helping our clients uncover and resolve the underlying issues that ‘feed’ their addiction. While most other treatment centers teach a few methods of ‘managing’ those causes, we actually address and resolve them! Outcome studies evidence that when the underlying issues that drive the addiction are fully resolved, lasting sobriety and true healing can be achieved.

Program Methods

We incorporate only proven methods of treatment for drug addiction. We employ both progressive and traditional practices in our drug rehab centers:


The first step in the treatment process. Under the care and supervision of our additional specializing physician, clients are provided medication to enable them to sleep and be as comfortable as possible for the few days required for the body to fully rid itself of drug toxins. Our patients are monitored multiple times per day by highly trained professionals. During the detox period, clients typically rest and relax, participating in other activities as they are ready to do so.

Treatment Plan

Each client’s individual treatment plan is created by our medical and clinical team to meet the specific and individualized needs of the client. Once the plan is created, it is used as the client’s ‘blueprint’ or ‘map’ during his/her treatment period.

Individualized One-On-One Therapy

We provide numerous individual therapy sessions each week, conducted in a private, protective environment, wherein deep therapy occurs to address and resolve the underlying issues that drive drug addiction. We know that only when these issues are fully resolved can true healing and lasting sobriety occur.

Comprehensive Counseling and Education

We provide 2-3 daily therapy and educational treatment sessions, which are critical to understanding and engaging in treatment and the life-style changes required for lasting recovery from drug addiction.

Family Therapy

Experience has taught us how critical the involvement, support and understanding of loved ones are to the recovery of the addict. We provide weekly phone therapy and education sessions to supportive loved ones, so that all can engage in healing from drug addiction. When loved ones are able to come to our treatment program, we provide several hours of personal ‘Family/Loved Therapy’ at our facility, in addition to the phone sessions.

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Others


Enjoying all types of activities, while undergoing drug addiction treatment, is beneficial on numerous levels:

  • Beach Activities
  • Hiking
  • Gym
  • Biking
  • Sailing
  • Art
  • Museums/Festivals
  • Others

Case Management / Discharge Planning

Each client is assigned a personal Case Manager, who is qualified and trained to manage and modify, as indicated, the treatment plan, while the client is in treatment at our drug rehab centers. Before the client has completed his/her treatment period, a comprehensive, customized discharge plan is created, which enables the client to continue his/her progress, once he/she leaves the treatment setting.

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