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February 20, 2015
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February 20, 2015
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Overcoming a Fear of Failure En Route to a Life Free of Substance Abuse

Contrary to what’s widely accepted, failure isn’t what’s keeping you or someone you love from sobriety or admittance into drug rehab: fear of failure is. Unfortunately, the majority of drug addicts and alcoholics have been conditioned to believe that a lack of failure is what leads to success. Simply put, this mentality couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially for those hoping to liberate themselves from the confines of self-doubt and substance abuse.

In fact, says Molly Cain, a popular leadership writer with, “The reality is that lack of failure equals lack of risk-taking, which is required for meaningful success.” In order to overcome such an innate, erroneous mindset, a few simple measures can be taken to focus on personal progression, while leaving the elusiveness of perfection by the wayside.

For example, it’s key that mistakes be embraced as opposed lambasted. The sober never saw failure as a catastrophic occurrence. For them, it was yet another opportunity to measure progress and try again. Furthermore, an addict — either inside or outside of formal rehab — can never shy away from asking for help. A sincere plea is rarely met by judgment; moreover, an earnest desire to aid and uphold during the transformation process.

It was Thomas S. Monson, an accomplished publisher and advertising executive from Utah, who once appropriately stated, “Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.’” Instead of fear, choose bravery. Sobriety awaits.