Phones and Computers


Are clients permitted to bring their digital devices to the treatment program? This is probably the most frequently asked question of them all.

The answer is yes. We do permit the use of digital devices in our program.

We believe that clients can benefit from the use of their phones and computers, when they are used to communicate with healthy, supportive loved ones, friends, and mentors, as well as with professional or other associates.

Digital devices can access applications and programs that assist in creating and monitoring healthy habits, track treatment goals, provide daily affirmations, and more. There are Apps for everything from ‘12-Step or Non-12-Step companions’ to addiction ‘tool boxes’ to ‘mindfulness and meditation’, and so many others.

Clients who attend our Inpatient Program do have limitations on the use of these devices, during the detoxification and stabilization period, so that distraction and potential anxiety are minimized, but we certainly allow communication with healthy loved ones, during this time.

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