Quick Tips to Lessen the Likelihood of Prescription Drug Abuse

Even amongst the natural beauty of Laguna Beach, California, America’s worsening addiction to prescription drugs is a force to be reckoned with. In the United States alone, every single day up to 2,500 youths between the ages of 12 and 17 abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.
That being said, just because you’ve been provided with a drug prescription for a painkiller, sedative or stimulant, doesn’t mean that you’re on the brink of a painful addiction. However, with the demand for drug rehab on the up and up, it’s never a bad idea to implement a few extra precautionary measures when using prescription medications.
First and foremost, it’s imperative that the right medication be obtained. While in your doctor’s office, make a concentrated effort to explain to your doctor exactly what you’re feeling so that he can prescribe the right prescription, according to your signs and symptoms.
Additionally, make certain to follow a prescription’s directions carefully. Reports MayoClinic.org of the important practice, “Use your medication the way it was prescribed. Don’t stop or change the dose of a medication on your own if it doesn’t seem to be working without talking to your doctor.”
Lastly, never use another person’s prescription. Each patient is different. Even though you might have a medical condition similar to that of a close friend or family member, doctors are trained to  adapt medication type and dosage to a patient’s specific needs.
If an addiction has already been cultivated, have no shame in consulting with us here in Laguna Beach, California or at any one of your community’s local drug rehab facilities.


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