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June 13, 2008

Drug abuse and stress

Stress is a daily part of life for most of us. We feel stress when we have a report deadline […]
June 12, 2008

Study Explains Why Teens are More Prone to Cocaine Addiction

Research shows that developing brains are more responsive to drug-related cues leading experts to conclude that teenagers are more prone […]
June 11, 2008

Ads contribute to alcohol consumption of teens

The Department of Media and Communication of the University of Leicester have found links between teenage drinking and advertising. The […]
May 30, 2008

Drug Treatment Approaches: How to Choose

Help for drug dependents is not hard to access nowadays because of the multitude of drug treatment approaches available. Below […]
May 27, 2008

Miramar Laguna Beach Rehab Center

Welcome to our new blog.  At this time we don’t have any posts, but please check back for news and […]