Rehab Workers Add Music to Their Arsenal

Drug rehab centers in places like San Francisco have a reputation for innovative treatment. Addiction is very personal, so it stands to reason that treatment should be individual and personalized as well. The best rehab centers work with patients on a personal basis to create an effective treatment plan and ensure a positive, lasting lifestyle change.

Some people might laugh at forward-thinking techniques like art therapy, but tests have found them to be very helpful for recovering addicts. Some clinics are even beginning to offer experimental music therapy. Reasoning that music plays a large role in the lives of addicts in places like San Francisco, therapists use it as an integral part of treatments. Patients have responded very favorably to the new technique.

The Boston Herald recently interviewed former drug addicts who had completed the treatment.

“It was the happiest time of my life,” said program graduate Nick Capachione. “Everyone can connect on a level with music. You feel the lyrics.” His treatment facility used music to help him cope with cravings and difficult emotions. The Beatles’ song “Let it Be” featured heavily in his recovery. “I’ve caught myself thinking about those lyrics when I’m having moments,” he said.

Naturally, not everyone will respond to music therapy. The important thing is to find a clinic that works with each individual to find a personal solution.


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