San Francisco Addiction Treatment

San Francisco addiction Treatment

Providing the best, most individualized care possible is extremely important to us, and has allowed us to treat patients from all walks of life and from many different areas. The effectiveness and individualized nature of our addiction rehab centers has allowed us to treat patients from San Francisco and even farther away. Distance should not be a barrier to receiving effective treatment.

Part of the recovery process at Miramar's Drug and Alcohol Rehab includes weekly therapy sessions with both the individual receiving treatment and their family/loved ones. When distance makes attending these sessions in person difficult, we arrange for loved ones to participate via skype or phone conference, ensuring that they remain involved in the process, even when living in the Bay Area or another, more distant location.

Our physicians, therapists and other healthcare professionals work together to ensure that the rehab process is successful and rewarding for both the individuals enrolled in our program as well as their loved ones. If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from the care of our drug and alcohol rehab centers, contact us today.

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