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Treating Alcohol Addiction in San Francisco

San Francisco alcohol rehab centers

Even amongst a beautiful skyline, people can be in serious pain. Some of that pain can be quite visible while in most cases, the pain that someone is experiencing can be lying under the surface, masked by that person going through the day-to-day. Alcoholism is a disease that masks itself well until it's tragic and ugly signs become visible and apparent to those around us. It can start small, but get out of control quickly and have disastrous consequences for the person involved in the addiction and the people around them. Our alcohol rehab centers in San Francisco are here to help.

Alcohol Abuse is an Everyday Problem

Alcoholism is one of the most common chemical addictions known, as access to alcohol is easy and once a person reaches the age of 21, is as simple as walking into a store and making a purchase. It can start with something that is thought to be controlled, also known as “functional alcoholism.” A person can handle their responsibilities and put on a facade that everything is okay, but once they have a chance to embrace their addiction, the problem that is their alcoholism becomes glaringly easy to see.

An abundance of times, while people continue in a pattern of functional alcoholism, the signs and the issues with that alcoholism move from being functional to dysfunctional. The physical and emotional strain of alcoholism becomes more and more destructive and a person is left with real life decisions before the illness of alcoholism takes away that choice.

Alcoholism can start with one person or can result from a pattern of addictive behaviors that is inherited by a bloodline. Alcoholism can pass from grandparents to parents, and from parents to children. They key to defeating an alcohol addiction is making the choice to take back your life from its grasp. Treatment can absolutely make the difference between a life well lived and life deep in the throes of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Treatment in San Francisco

San Francisco alcohol treatment

In the beautiful city of San Francisco, with its culture and amazing food, there are choices that people with alcoholism have to beat their addiction. With our alcohol treatment centers, we offer a wide variety of ways to not only treat the chemical dependency that alcoholism is but the person living with the addiction.

Our approach begins with detoxification, which is the process of assisting the body with the responses that the body has when alcohol is withdrawn from it. As the individual is going through the detoxification process, it gives them the ability the get the rest that being in the middle of addiction can take away. From there, a treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of the individual is developed. Trained professionals at every step lead a person to develop a “blueprint” to recovery and getting back to leading the life that they deserve to live.

Once a treatment plan is established, the path to recovery can bend and twist many, different ways, just dependent on the needs of the client. Our alcohol rehab centers provide many different options to assist individuals in getting back to center, including one-on-one therapy, family therapy, and comprehensive education on addiction. In many cases, people don't understand what alcoholism is and what triggers got them at the place that they are on their journey. Through taking the time to not only address the chemical attributes of alcoholism, but the emotional responses and the individualized path that a person took to get to the place that they are, we make it our duty to treat the entire person, not just their illness.

How Our Alcohol Rehab Centers Help

Through therapeutic activities, both physical and holistic, we also take a person in treatment through the process of attempting to find alternative interests and coping mechanisms to keep them on the straight and narrow. From yoga, meditation and massage to beach activities, hiking, exercise and art, we set our clients on the path to finding things that they can fall back on when alcohol may become a temptation when they have completed their inpatient programs. With all the wonders of the San Francisco area, we keep our clients minds focused on the endless possibilities to stay busy and not fall into remission.

As our clients go through the journey of recovery, we understand that whereas our program is their safe space, the real test will be when they are back in their familiar environments facing their old triggers. Our professional staff realize this and before any patient is released from the program, a comprehensive discharge plan and an outpatient program is developed to assist them in maintaining the healthy behaviors they learned in our center so that they can maintain sobriety and continue their path to recovery. This can include outpatient therapy, group meetings and a montage of other assistive programs to keep them living a life of sobriety and encourage healthy choices.

There is no age limit to alcoholism or our alcohol rehab centers. Young and old can be in its grasp and need the assistance of trained professionals to get them back to a healthy relationship with themselves and those around them. If this sounds like a journey that you need to take, let our rehab centers be your resource to guide you on your pathway to success. Call today for a free consultation and start your journey to sobriety.

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