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Understanding Drug Addiction

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What is a drug addiction? Who can become a victim of drug addiction? Well, the answer to those questions can be complicated. Drug addiction is a destructive and immobilizing commitment to giving a substance more power over the worth that a person places on any and everything else in their lives. It can be to a prescription drug or an illicit substance - drug addiction is not restricted to street drugs and can reach havoc on a person’s ability to function in daily life and the relationships that person has to support them.

Drug addiction can be treacherous, destroying all of what makes a person them. These people often deteriorate into a person that is only committed to the next time that they can use. The healthy relationships and activities in their lives get glossed over until they can get their next fix. This is NEVER okay, and a person should not have to live like this. There are other options available to assist someone in getting back the life that they had before they became an addict.

Drug Addiction Is More Than Usage

In many cases, drug addiction does not start with someone just making a conscious decision to use. There are normally many underlying factors, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other things that might need to be treated simultaneously for their addiction. Understanding that drug treatment can be multidimensional and encompass many different things is the most important part of picking a drug treatment center that will work. With us, that is what you’ll get.

With our approach, the goal is to treat the entire person, not the addiction. This begins with understanding the type of substance the person is addicted to and developing a plan to get them back to a state of health that is equal or as close to the state that they were in prior to addition. Now, understand, dependent on the level of addiction and the chemical effects that the substance has had on the body, this can be the beginning of a very long journey. Sometimes drug dependency and the chemicals involved may have made long-term damage to the body that can’t just be snapped away. This is why it’s important to be involved in a comprehensive treatment program that can identify the issues and set an individual back on track to both medical and emotional recovery.

Just like the Golden Gate Bridge, any good structure has to start with a firm foundation, and to begin any treatment process, the body has to be detoxified from the addictive substance coursing through its veins. With us, we use medical detoxification techniques to assist with detoxifying the body from the addictive substance in the most constructive and safe way. This can require many things, dependent on the addiction, but is always done with the client’s health and safety at the forefront of the process.

From there, a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan is set up to address not only the drug addiction but the underlying causes that may have led to the drug addiction. Out trained professionals work with the client to give them a roadmap to recovery that will assist in developing healthier responses than going back to their drug of choice and that will keep them on the road to recovery.

San Francisco Drug Rehab Centers

San Francisco drug treatment

As their treatment plan progresses, clients have the ability to learn more about their addiction and develop better responses than resorting back to drug use. Through comprehensive education programs, one-on-one therapy, family therapy and activity therapy, we do everything that we can to treat the entire person from both a medical and holistic standpoint. Rehab center clients have to option of meditation, yoga acupuncture and many other holistic approaches to treat the mind, body and spirit. They can also indulge in activities like beach sports, hiking, exercise, art and many other things to reinforce healthy and wholesome activities when they are looking for an outlet.

We understand that where the path to recovery can be started in a rehab, but to stay on the path of recovery takes more than what can be done in treatment. That is why our team of professionals will set up a discharge plan that will support the foundation learned in treatment so that sobriety can continue on the outside. We will assist with setting up outpatient treatment and groups to provide the support that will be needed when returning to a client’s old environment.

San Francisco is a beautiful place, but that doesn’t mean that the demons of living don’t exist. If you’re suffering from drug addiction, you don’t have to do it alone. Our rehab centers are here to assist with getting you started on your path to recovery, and returning to your better self.

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