Second-Hand High: It’s a Real Thing

You’ve heard about second-hand smoke, but what about second-hand high? Although the topic needs some more research and human evidence, scientists suggest that people in Riverside, Calif. and elsewhere who are exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke can certainly feel the effects.

Specifically, Live Science reports that second-hand exposure may cause individuals to feel some of the “high” that comes from using marijuana. Additionally, drug rehab facilities all over the world warn that second-hand effects can lead to unclear thinking and poor decision-making. The thing that concerns most people, though, has to do with drug tests.

As reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, someone could feel a buzz from breathing in second-hand marijuana smoke in extreme cases. However, studies reveal that it would take a lot of exposure to actually fail a drug test. This is because the amount of THC (the chemical accountable for most of marijuana’s psychological effects) exhaled by smokers is very low.

Conclusively, it would take a lot of second-hand exposure to fail a drug test or feel a buzz. But nonetheless, this is still a real problem that drug rehab centers in Riverside and nationwide encounter every day. If you or a loved one has questions about second-hand highs, feel free to contact one of our rehabilitation centers for more information.


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