September 2008 is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

In an effort to retaliate the evils of substance abuse and to emphasize the need for preventing alcohol and drug addiction, President George W. Bush proclaimed September as the National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month with the theme “Join the Voices of Recovery: Real People, Real Recovery.
The National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, which aims to highlight the importance of giving hope and love to people who are rebuilding their lives out of addiction, is also set by the president as an opportunity to recognize the various people and institutions who courageously combat the addiction. On the same note, he highlights the different programs that the federal government have laid out for the battle against addiction while emphasizing the need for an aggressive approach against drug and alcohol addiction.
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign is a program which aims to educate children about the adverse consequence of using drugs and abusing alcohol. Moreover, the campaign is a move to urge parents and concerned adults to safeguard children and the youth from addiction, especially from the abuse of a number of prescription drugs. This campaign is also set to conduct random drug-testing legs in school and work places and to create community based drug-free coalitions.
A similar program, the Helping America’s Youth initiative led by First Lady Laura Bush, aims to guide youths to make healthier life choices while at the same time encouraging parents and adults to foster a caring participation in the youth’s lives. “The dedicated efforts of families, teachers, law enforcement, faith-based groups, and community activists are all important,” said the president.
Meanwhile, the Access to Recovery program is a continuing initiative to provide addicts or dependents with vouchers which they can use to attend whichever treatment centers they choose to be admitted. Over the past year, the president noted, the said program have already helped around 200,000 people to gain access to quality treatment services.
President Bush likewise revealed that the government is working to hamper the supply of illicit drugs enter the country by coordinating with foreign government in stopping drug trafficking and the same time trying to suppress existing local demands through nationwide law enforcement efforts that will dismantle local distribution channels.
The proclamation was made from the White House Oval Office on August 27, 2008. Additional information regarding the National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month is available through its official website.
Miramar Treatment Centers joins the president and the nation, not only in observing National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month but more importantly, in the continuing battle against substance abuse and addiction. Contact us today and learn how we can be of help to you all year round.


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