Shame and Addiction Treatment

There are many approaches used in trying to help a loved one overcome his or her addiction. A popular approach in years past has been to shame those suffering from a substance abuse disorder in an attempt to make them change their behavior. However, many specialists in drug rehab centers in Marin County, California and across the nation would be quick to point out that more often than not, shaming actually has a negative impact.

Indeed, the popular perception of addiction being a sign of moral weakness prevents many from receiving the treatment they need to get help. This is starting to change, however, as more and more begin to understand addiction as a chronic illness—one that requires care and compassion to be properly treated.

By eliminating the shame and blame so often associated with addiction, addicts are able to be more open and honest about their condition. This in turn allows for drug rehab centers to provide better care that more fully addresses the many factors influencing an individual’s addiction. And this better care helps ensure that relapses will be less likely to occur and less severe when they do.

From Marin County to the East Coast, replacing shame with compassion and understanding can make a significant impact in the addiction recovery process, creating lasting change.


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