Social Drinking Can Lead to Gripping Alcohol Addictions

The Harvard Crimson reports there are potentially more people than ever before who will become alcoholics because of pre-exposure to alcoholic beverages at a younger age. Even with the beneficial assistance of alcohol rehab centers, citizens living in San Diego and across the nation form these gripping addictions and often face struggles for life.

Robert Fleming of Harvard Medical School, and Charles Gaughan, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Commission on Alcoholism, reiterate the signs one could become an alcoholic later in his or her life. The Harvard Crimson reports, “Fleming said that people being to drink for social, psychological, or physical reasons.” Regardless of one’s reason, social drinking does not pose an immediate threat, but over time, “The more one drinks, the more necessary it becomes,” said Fleming.

An addiction to alcohol will foster desires to continue drinking to either escape pain or continue to feel the high of being drunk. For people who are exposed to drinking at an early age, this habit can form quickly and soon capture control over one’s decision-making process.

To avoid becoming addicted to alcohol, limit social drinking and make a conscious effort to stay sober. Though an addiction seems taller than a skyscraper in San Diego, any addiction can be treated with the aid of rehab centers like Miramar Recovery Centers.


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