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Newport Beach Executives Program

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

Executives Program

Miramar Recovery provides one of the finest treatment centers for professionals and executives program anywhere. Designed specifically for the professional who seeks exceptional high-end treatment in a very private, professionally accommodating environment.

We have successfully treated physicians, Fortune 500 company executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals.

We understand the unique requirements of professionals and executives while they’re in treatment and we meet those needs.

executives program

Specialized Treatment:

Years of treatment experience has taught us that every client has treatment needs specific to his or her individual situation. To meet that individuality, we offer multiple, highly customized executives treatment programs.

Following an in depth medical and psychological assessment, conducted by a licensed psychiatrist and integrative physician, our entire multi-disciplinary treatment team devises an individualized treatment program to meet all our clients’ specific needs, including detoxification, when necessary.

After detox, our clients transition into an inpatient or outpatient program. For our executives program, we offer private and semi-private rooms upon request. During this time our patients can expect to be involved in multiple activities and different forms of treatment. 

executives program

Our patients that are a part of our executives treatment program can expect:

  • Individualized One-on-One Therapy – we provide numerous individual therapy sessions each week, conducted in a private, protective environment, wherein deep therapy occurs to address and resolve the underlying issues that drive addiction. We know that only when these issues are fully resolved can true healing and lasting sobriety occur.


  • Unparalleled Professional Staff – our staff to client counts are higher than most any other treatment program. We utilize three physicians, a psychiatrist, psychologists, master’s level therapists, and numerous other clinicians, each of whom has significant alcohol addiction treatment experience. 


  • Attractive, Private Treatment Environment – our exceptional seaside residences are well-appointed, attractive environments, designed for an optimal treatment experience. Ask us about private room availability.


  • Limited Number of Clients – we treat no more than 6 clients at each residential property, which enables us to focus tremendous, individual attention on every client. Equally important, our limited size insures a secure, private, and socially comfortable setting for our clients.


  • Activities and More – because of the intensive, individual therapy and treatment that we provide, we have realized that our clients need private time, as well as outside activity time, in order to process and rejuvenate themselves, while undergoing the intensive healing process. Our clients participate in numerous additional supplemental treatment activities, such as beach walks, daily gym attendance, biking, hiking, and other fun activities, for those who are interested, which have proven to be highly effective in the treatment experience – ask about them when you call to speak with us.
At Miramar Recovery we understand that our clients need specialized and individual treatment to overcome their addiction. Our executives program is perfect for those who need privacy and flexibility to continue their work commitments outside of rehab. Our Newport Beach treatment programs will help put working professionals back on the right path. Contact us today to learn more about what our recovery center can do for you.

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

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