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Non-12-Step Rehab

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12-Step Alternatives for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While many rehab centers base treatment on the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, at Miramar Recovery, we believe our patients should have more options. Not everyone believes the 12 Steps process is right for them, but fortunately non-12-Step rehab alternatives are available which have been shown to be a successful alternative to AA.

AA-based programs tend to have similar focuses:

  • Labeling the individual rather than the behavior
  • Asserting addiction is a chronic, relapsing, incurable brain disease
  • Requiring continued meetings to stay “in recovery”
  • Relying heavily on talk therapy and step work
  • Promoting the same 12 steps for everyone

Devised in the 1930s by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, the 12 Steps asks patients to admit they can’t control their addiction. Through self-reflection and examination, they commit to honestly admitting to and making amends for their past mistakes. Key to this process is the recognition of a Higher Power (either God or something else) which is stronger than the addiction.

While non-12-Step rehabs promote the same abstinence from drugs and alcohol as 12 Step programs, there is often less emphasis on relying on a higher power.

Why the Need for Non-12-Step Programs?

One reason we believe patients should have options is that the 12 Step system doesn’t fit everyone’s needs or lifestyle. We want to offer our patients a more flexible approach because no single addiction treatment works for everyone.

What is non-12-Step drug and alcohol rehab?

As with traditional 12-Step rehabilitation programs, the goal is total freedom from drugs and alcohol. With non-12-Step programs, however, there is usually less focus put on relying on a Higher Power and more of a concentration on self-empowerment and a reluctance to term addiction as a disease.

While12-Step rehab programs commonly focus on the guidelines of AA and regular group attendance, non-12-Step rehabs often use a different, more fluid approach geared toward meeting your individual needs.


Such non-12-Step approaches to recovery are suited for those who:

  • Want a scientific approach to rehab
  • Don’t desire a religious aspect to recovery
  • Don’t believe addiction is an uncontrollable disease
  • Want to get at the roots of their addiction
  • Would like to focus on family and other support systems
  • Want to view addiction as something they can control and be responsible for

At Miramar Recovery, you also have the option of non-12-Step outpatient rehab.


Evidence-Based Behavioral Therapy at Miramar Recovery

We use programs backed by science to provide effective treatments for addiction. One approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is used to combat the harmful beliefs and behavior patterns many addicts develop. CBT enables addicts to question their own patterns and substitute health ones.

When considering  Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment programs in Orange County, some factors are crucial, such as cost, location, privacy, atmosphere and comfort.  Other factors like individual therapy options, good staff to client ratio, medical prescription if needed, detox therapy, and aftercare are also important factors in deciding the right addiction treatment center.

Miramar Recovery treatment center, a renowned clinic located in Newport Beach, California, offers a Non 12 Step programs for addiction treatment plans, which is tailored to each individual client’s unique needs.

A good client-to-staff ratio is important at Miramar Recovery. Our professionals include physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, and clinical therapists. Having had past addictions themselves, some of our staff can relate to the patients on a more personal level. The Miramar Recovery facility has a healthy and comfortable experience that our clients appreciate at our serene, coastal retreat. Come restore yourself, at one of California’s best Non-12 Step rehabs.

Miramar Recovery Center is the industry’s premier therapy-focused treatment center for substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues.  We utilize a therapeutic model of treatment, not the common ‘disease/addiction/step’ model that almost every other program follows.

non 12 step programs

Features of Our Non-12-Step, Therapy-Based Program

  • One-on-One Therapy

    A minimum of (3) 1-hour sessions each week with a Doctorate or Master’s level therapist.

  • Small Group Therapy

    (10-12) small group therapy sessions each week.

  • Adjunctive / Support Therapy

    Multiple supportive therapies provided each week.

  • Case Management

    Multiple individual sessions each week with an assigned, qualified case manager.

  • Alternative Support Programming

    Numerous alternative support methods and outside groups.

Your Journey to Recovery Begins Now

Miramar Recovery strives to help our clients understand their own mental well-being and how it functions so they can progress out of substance use. We give clients the tools to identify which habits and behaviors are unhealthy while helping them acknowledge the wholeness within themselves.

If you have tried a 12 Step treatment program but found it frustrating or difficult to follow. You are not obligated to make 12 Steps a part of your recovery to beat you’re addiction.

Miramar offers a wide array of treatments including those that don’t adhere to the 12 Steps paradigm. Call us to learn about our non 12 Step rehab programs today: (949) 334-5961.

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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