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Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

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Addiction Treatment with Spiritual Emphasis

One of the most common and natural outcomes of addiction recovery is the increasing desire to further our own spiritual development, which may include furthering our relationship with our Higher Power, however we understand and conceptualize Him or Her. Miramar Recovery offers addiction treatment with a spiritual emphasis.

While a medical detox will flush all the toxins from your body, and different therapies can help you regain your emotional balance, there is more to a person than their body and mind. During addiction recovery, your spirit needs treatment as well.

Our clients, who want a more in depth spiritual journey in their recovery process, can do so in our Spiritual Program with the assistance of our spiritual counselors. These experienced and capable counselors provide spiritually focused, individual counseling sessions each week to help our clients further develop their spiritual understanding and acuity.

In addition to the individual counseling sessions, our counselors also recommend specific literature, workbook and journaling activities, and other resources that our clients can utilize during their stay with us and continue to use as they move forward in their recovery.

spiritual emphasis

What is Spirituality?

So often, the spiritual component of overall wellness is given less attention than the physical or mental aspects are. Spirituality is quite difficult to define, having an abstract meaning that can mean vastly different things to different people. 

Generally speaking, spirituality refers to a personal connection with the divine or Higher Power, something that transcends our conceptions of time and space. The identity of the Higher Power is up to the individual, but it is typically something outside of and far beyond ourselves. 

A person’s spirituality may be fed through structured religious practices, participation in a faith community, and a belief in God, while others connect to the spiritual realm via connecting with nature, animals, or the universe. 

Through our Spiritual Program we provide a pathway whereby our clients may bring their spiritual development into balance with the other components of complete well-being.

Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Spiritual growth can be a process of exploration for some, and a rekindling of connection for others. An important part of Miramar Recovery is our commitment to helping clients find a support group where they can gain a sense of community and develop their spirituality. We believe that connection to something outside of self, either a group or a higher power, is crucial for long-term sobriety.

Our program does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Clients enrolled in Miramar Recovery are encouraged to explore different types of support groups while in residential and outpatient treatment. This allows our clients to find what works best for them and develop support for continued sobriety after completion of the program.

While in treatment, clients are transported to a variety of outside meetings including Refuge Recovery, a mindfulness and meditation-based support group, SMART Recovery, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based support group, as well as traditional 12-step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Is spirituality the same thing as religion?

These concepts have much in common, however spirituality does not need to be necessarily defined by religion. Religion is essentially a certain set of beliefs and practices tied to a belief in God or gods. Spirituality, on the other hand, has much more to do with a personal search for meaning and connection with others and the universe.

Many people express their spirituality through their religious faith, but this does not work for everyone. Spirituality is practiced by some through yoga, meditation, tai chi, appreciating nature, or through some other holistic method.

The Benefits of Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality offers benefits for anyone’s life, especially when they are recovering from an addiction. Substance use disorder can rob a person of their sense of value and purpose. Accessing a person’s spirituality allows for them to focus on the world around them rather than their own worries.

There are many individuals who practice a form of spirituality and find that they have increased energy in times of stress. For this reason and others, tapping into your spirituality can do wonders for your addiction recovery.

Help with Living a Healthier Life

There are many spiritual traditions that try to encourage treating the body with respect. This could include staying away from harmful practices such as drinking excessively or smiling. These spiritual practices have a good chance at helping you make smart choices for your life.

Increased Compassion and Empathy

Many spiritual disciplines such as meditating, devotionals, and yoga promote inner reflection which can help you gain insight regarding your actions and intentions. They can also help you treat others and life itself with gratitude and generosity.

Encouragement to work through Negative Emotions

Spirituality often encompasses letting go of negative emotions including anger, jealousy, and envy on your way to finding inner peace. Acknowledging and dealing with these emotions improves your mood and also improves your physical condition by lowering your blood pressure, boosting your immune system, and stronger cardiovascular health.

Saddleback Church & Celebrate Recovery

Another key component of our Treatment Program includes our affiliation with the Rick Warren Saddleback Community Church through the ‘Celebrate Recovery’ program and workshops – a world-renowned recovery program, based on Rick Warren’s 8 Principles of Recovery. Our clients, who are interested in attending the Celebrate Recovery activities, do so each week at the main Saddleback Church.

Spirituality is an important component of addiction recovery, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily to everybody in recovery, and that’s ok. Patients at Miramar Recovery are encouraged not to give up on finding their spirituality through reading and connecting with others of different faith traditions. Spirituality means being mindful of the ordinary, being open to other people, being honest in your relationships, and being open to change. These qualities take time and practice.

Our focus on spirituality in recovery is just one reason our holistic addiction treatment is so unique and effective. Call Miramar Recovery today to learn more about how we transform lives: (949) 694-3111.

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

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