Spiritual emphasis: a specialized help required for de-addiction

Most people are aware of the consequences of drug abuse. But not many realize that they too can become addicted to them. Drugs are harmful both for the body and the mind. Though drugs are often used for recreational purposes, its frequent intake can completely uproot an individual’s life.
Gradually this dependency becomes a habit and then an addiction. ‘Just this once’ changes to countless ‘fixes.’ At first everyone denies the fact that they cannot do without drugs but once the need to fulfill the urge becomes severe the effects start showing. They suffer from anger, frustration, physical pain, isolation and many other adverse effects. Though the main concern here is their health, it is most essential to deal with the emotional and mental trauma to increase the odds of recovery.
Addiction also takes an emotional toll on the addict’s friends and family. It is their undying support that helps an individual to quit and look forward to a better future. There are a number of drugs and alcohol rehabilitation centers available today. These centers are equipped with professionals who can help patients deal with their specific needs and requirements.
These centers are not foreboding places like hospitals but are more like a ‘home away from home’ with luxurious accommodation and serene settings that enhance the recovery process of a patient. Some also offer a wide range of facilities while every program is customized to meet the needs of an addict. There are spiritual treatment programs that help individual renew their faith. Here the emphasis is laid on religious teachings and spiritual activities. There are separate rehabs available for men and women. They aim to address all kinds of mental, emotional, relational and medical needs of the patient.


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