Staying Sober at Holiday Parties

Tis the season for holiday parties. However, this does not give San Diego natives a free pass to binge all the alcohol they can in one night. The holiday season can be a time when many individuals splurge on their drink consumption. Though it seems to be a time for celebration and joy, alcohol abuse can leave anyone in need of the beneficial services offered by rehab centers.

Having a sober holiday party might sound like a boring idea, but to ensure everyone’s safety and future success, pouring out the hidden bottles of alcohol is the best option to take. Eliminating any chance of relapsing or getting drunk is the safest and easiest way to ensure a safe holiday season.

However, many parties are hosted by friends and family who don’t mind a couple of drinks throughout the night. As learned through therapy offered at alcohol rehab centers, it’s important to distance oneself from any and all alcoholic beverages. If a recovering alcoholic does not feel comfortable attending a party with such drinks, be understanding and consider alternative drink options.

Those in San Diego and elsewhere who are working toward a sober lifestyle can bring a trusted individual to holiday parties. Find someone who is willing to make sure you stay on track and stay sober through your night of partying. He or she will be there to remind you of your goals and support your decisions.

Do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when turning down a drink. Know that you are making the right choice when choosing to have a soda or water in place of alcohol.

The holidays offer a season of joy and hope. Struggling alcoholics can find these same emotions through choosing to stay sober through the winter season. To ensure a successful season of holiday parties in the San Diego area, seek the help of trusted individuals—or rehab centers if needed—and know your triggers when around alcohol.


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