Study identifies risk factors for meth use in youth

Using data from 12 different medical studies, a group of Canadian researchers were able to identify various risks factors for methamphetamine use among both high-risk and low-risk young adults. The factors they were able to identify included smoking, drinking, and underage sex.
The high-risk and low-risk youth groups under study displayed some risk factors unique to their respective groups. Among the group of high-risk youth, which were defined as those who have previously used other drugs or have been admitted to juvenile centers, researchers were able to identify three unique risk factors for methamphetamine use. On the other hand, the study revealed four risk factor within the group of low-risk youth or those who have never used any drug beforehand.
One of the risk factors observed among the high-risk youth is receiving previous treatment for any psychiatric conditions. Meth use was also high among females within the group. However, the most prevalent risk factor in this group is unstable family environment. According to the researchers, high risk children who grew up in families with a history of crime, drug abuse, and alcohol use were more likely to use methamphetamine that those who did not.
Researchers also observed a pattern of risk factors for methamphetamine use within the low-risk youth group. The most prominent of these were history of alcohol abuse, smoking, and early engagement in sexual activities. The researchers explained that these behaviours may either be a cause or result of methamphetamine use. In any case, homosexual and bisexual lifestyles were also named as risk factors for this group.
Methamphetamine information
Methamphetamine is projected to cause major problems with regards to addiction, given its wide availability and legal status. As Terry P. Klassen of the University of Alberta, the lead researcher of the current study, describes, “MA is produced, or ‘cooked’, quickly, reasonably simply, and cheaply by using legal and readily available ingredients with recipes that can be found on the Internet.”
Meth, MA, or speed, as the drug is known colloquially, is a kind of stimulant that my be smoked, injected, or snorted. In any case, people who take it experience a state of euphoria, heightened sexual experiences, increased wakefulness, and hyperactivity caused by increased energy. Use of meth can also lower a person’s inhibitions and give him or her a false sense of invincibility.
Methamphetamine, like all other drugs, is bad for the body when abused. Knowing the risk factors to its use are helpful not for drug prevention programs but to drug rehabilitation as well. By identifying risks factors, treatment can be placed on the right track and relapse may be prevented.
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