April 8, 2009
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April 9, 2009
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Study Links Chronic Vomiting Syndrome to Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is a drug that is commonly abused by both high school and college students. A study found that this drug is also linked to severe vomiting syndrome as well as to compulsive bathing behaviors. Severe vomiting is manifested in patients after long-term abuse of cannabis and is also found to gradually subside once the addict starts to abstain from using the drug.

The clinical manifestation of the syndrome as a result of chronic marijuana abuse was recognized by a team led by Dr. Sontineni from the Creighton University of Omaha in Nebraska.

The neurobiology of cannabis through a recent study has paved the way towards “the identification of different receptor types including two specific types that mediate neuropsychiatric and immunologic effects.”

Dr. Sontineni said that most health care providers and doctors these days tend to under recognize the severe vomiting syndrome. Overlooking the concern has caused delayed diagnosis as well as costly diagnostic investigations. A look at the increased prevalence of consistent marijuana use in the United States, particularly among the younger population, will also show that there has been a steady increase in the number of diagnosed cases of this syndrome every year.

Severe vomiting syndrome was first recognized in Australia. The exact mechanism that predisposes the symptoms of this health concern as well as the reason why it only appears after years of cannabis use and why the symptoms can be relieved by hot showering have still yet to be investigated further.

Understanding the effects of long-term marijuana abuse can bring on a new perspective to the development of therapeutic treatments for addiction. The study recommends a further look into the syndrome and the mechanisms that has affected the occurrence of its symptoms. Dr. Sontineni also recommends that increased physician awareness be established to ensure that patients suffering from the syndrome are provided with appropriate and timely health care assistance.

The recognition of the severe vomiting syndrome as well as the creation of enhanced awareness about it is supported by the Creighton University Medical Center’s Department of Medicine. Other medical institutions and health professionals from all over the world are also beginning to identify more cases of the syndrome in relation to marijuana abuse.

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