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November 18, 2010

The Best Alcohol Rehab Consultation

Consultation is an important part of alcohol and drug rehabilitation. At alcohol treatment centers, the consultation process helps addicts and […]
October 27, 2010

Role of psychiatrist in opiate Addiction treatment

An opiate is normally a drug which is synthesized and processed from opium poppy plant. The main forms of the […]
October 22, 2010

Crack Cocaine major challenge for Doctor’s: Causing paranoid behavior

Crack cocaine has become a very popular root cause for drug addiction in people of all ages. This kind of […]
October 7, 2010

What is Negative ‘self talk’?

The habit of alcohol or drug addiction mainly affects the people who are unhappy with oneself or with the environment […]
September 23, 2010

Is Family or Loved One Support Important to Overcome Drug Addiction?

Coming to know that someone in the family or a very close friend of yours cannot do without drugs can […]
September 14, 2010

A step towards overcoming the problem of drugs addiction

Drug addiction is a problem that needs commitment and strength to recover from. The right guidance and direction in recovering […]
September 4, 2010

How much useful are drug rehab centers

A drug rehab center useful and effective institution when it comes to treating an alcoholic and drug addict person. Usually […]
August 4, 2010

Long and short term effects of drugs addiction

Drug addiction is not a simple matter which can be just divided in short and long term effects as there […]
July 26, 2010

Know how genes help in predicting depression

It has long been believed by both scientists, as well as by the not-so-scientific community alike that depression stems from […]
July 23, 2010

What Does Rehab Program Consist Of?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol has ruined many relationships and families. In its advanced levels, drug addiction has even led […]