The Dangers of Flakka

Most individuals associate drug rehab with addictions to heroin or cocaine. But a lesser-known danger that is on the rise are so-called “designer drugs”—synthetically manufactured products that can prove extremely harmful to their users. One drug in particular, known as Flakka, has recently made headlines across the nation.

Flakka and other designer drugs have extremely noticeable side effects—a recent story from CBS Chicago reports that the drug “causes hallucinations, psychotic episodes and violence.” Other side effects include users’ body temperature soaring to 107 degrees Fahrenheit and memory loss.

According to news reports, many dealers provide first-time users of Flakka free doses of the drug to start an individual’s addiction.

The danger posed by Flakka and other designer drugs is real. As Virginia news station WTVR reported, the drug “literally makes people go insane.” Users of this drug pose a violent threat both to themselves and others, and many have died as a direct result of using the drug.

If you or a loved on has become addicted to a designer drug such as Flakka, options for recovery are still available. Through the assistance of drug rehab, individuals can overcome an addiction to Flakka or other dangerous designer drugs and avoid a tragic outcome.


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