The Lesser-Known Repercussions of a DUI

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Every day, approximately 28 people die as a direct result of crashes stemming from drunk driving. Getting a DUI (or DWI) is about much more than simply being caught driving while intoxicated; a DUI charge, even for the first time, carries serious legal implications. Experts agree that alcohol abuse is at the root of the problem, which is becoming more and more apparent as adults continue to check themselves into alcohol rehab centers from Escondido to the East Coast.

More Adults Regaining Control of Alcohol Dependence

With drunk driving costing the United States over $199 billion per year, people are beginning to take heed of the repercussions associated with alcohol abuse and driving under the influence. It has become a trend for adults to nip their drinking problem in the bud before they’re charged with a DUI by admitting themselves to alcohol rehab centers, whether in Escondido or the Midwest.

A DUI Costs Money, Time and Driver’s License

Being charged with a DUI is no light charge; in addition to the possibility of being ordered to serve substantial jail time (even for a first-time DUI), a court has the ability to inflict you with a variety of unpleasant fines, community service hours and/or both.

Additionally, when you receive a DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended for a period of time; this can severely inhibit your ability to get to work and other activities. You can avoid being subjected to this painful mess by addressing any addictive habits you have by checking out prominent alcohol rehab centers in your area, whether you’re in Escondido or on the East Coast.

DUI Charges Can Increase Your Insurance Rates

Even after your driver’s license is reinstated, most people experience an increase in their car insurance rates. In severe cases, some insurance companies ultimately decide to drop your coverage completely. Calculate the cost of this increased coverage with the additional court fines you’ll be required to pay — it’s a hefty sum. Instead of subjecting yourself to this type of situation, take assertive action to address any drinking issues you may have before it’s too late.


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