The Sad State of a Life On Prescription Drugs

In today’s day and age, addiction takes on many forms. We see it each and every day here at our drug rehab facility in Laguna Beach, California. Illegal drugs, alcohol and even pornography continue to blaze a grim trail through the hearts and homes of many of America’s most beautiful families.
Truthfully, one of addiction’s biggest tools is justification. Whether it be the idea that “everyone is doing it” or the mentality that “nobody will ever find out,” addiction has a way of nestling comfortably within the confines of the human psyche. Never has such a truth been made manifest more fully than with our country’s most recent substance abuse battle: prescription drugs.
As is the case with most things, education is half the battle. Below, we’ve provided an infographic which presents a handful of specific, concrete statistics about the harmful truths behind prescription drug abuse.


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