The signs of drug addiction

Drug addiction is a vicious disease that slowly eats up a dependent’s life without him or her noticing it. Given this disease’s treacherous nature, it is important that you know how to identify a drug problem before it takes full control of your life. The following are questions and situations that would help you determine if you have a problem or not. Answer these honestly and if you give three nods to at least three questions, there is a high chance that you have a problem and is in need of drug rehab.
The first set of questions concerns the intra-personal aspect of your life. These cover your feelings and reactions about drug use as well as how you deal with your problems and life in general.
First question, do you take drugs to detach yourself from your problems? It is a tell-tale sign of drug addiction that you use drugs as an escape route from the problems that come your way, regardless if they are personal, family, or work related. On a related note, another question to ask yourself is if drugs have been causing you problems  at home, school, and work. Drug abuse often leads an individual to change his or her priorities in a way that affects his or her life.
Other important questions to ask yourself are these: Are you always preoccupied thinking about the next time you can use drugs? Do you feel remorse, guilt, and have a low self-esteem after using drugs but still continue doing so? Or perhaps you always resolve to limit your drug use without much success and actually end up taking more? Most importantly, do you ever feel powerless over your actions and that you are taking drugs only because you don’t have a choice? Positive answers to these questions only entails that you indeed have a problem.
Meanwhile, the second set of questions relate to your relationships with other people, especially your friends. The first and most important one is this: Did you change your group of friends for one that is more tolerant of your drug use? If not, have you noticed that your friends comment a lot on your use of drugs? Drug addiction can lead you to change not only your priorities but also the people you hang out with, especially if they are critical of your actions. Oftentimes, you feel rejected and angry while failing to see the good intention behind their criticism. Lying to others, protecting your drug supply at any expense, taking drugs early in the morning or during the day, and isolating yourself just to use drugs are other signs that also point to a drug problem.
If you observe any of these signs in your life, seek immediate help before it is too late. Drug addiction can be fatal, among other health consequences, when left uncontrolled. You can get expert drug rehab here at Miramar Recovery Center, where help is only a call away. Start to get rid of addiction by calling us at 800.455.1092 today.


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