Treating Addiction Through Dual Diagnosis

When a person struggling with an addiction to alcohol decides to seek necessary help from rehab centers, he or she is starting a new path in life. However, only treating the addictive behaviors the person has will not ensure a stable future. To confirm that patients from Santa Barbara, Calif., to the East Coast are on the right road to successful futures, it is often important to tackle addictions through dual diagnosis.

A dual diagnosis program will treat an addiction from both a physical and mental approach. Because individuals often suffer from mental health disorders when dealing with a gripping addiction, the importance of addressing a psychological disorder must be recognized.

There are no specific combinations of mental illnesses and substance abuse. Additionally, in 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports an estimated 43.6 million—18.1 percent—of Americans ages 18 and above experienced some form of mental illness while 20.2 million adults—8.4 percent—had a substance use disorder. SAMHSA also reports that approximately 7.9 million adults live with substance abuse and a mental disorder.

With the services offered at alcohol rehab centers near Santa Barbara, dual diagnosis can be treated to help individuals begin healing. Because of the complexity of each symptom and disorder, dual diagnosis treatment can take time, but the reward is well-worth the effort.

Whether an addiction to alcohol is paired with depression, anxiety or a bipolar disorder, treating the root of the problem will help provide a safe future for all who are struggling.

If you are among one of the 7.9 million struggling to handle an addiction while also living with a mental disorder, seek help from alcohol rehab centers. Miramar Recovery Centers are focused on treating each patient—whether from Santa Barbara or the shores of the East—with the proper care they need to recover, including dual diagnosis.


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