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Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Miramar Recovery

Miramar Recovery provides the best in evidence-based addiction treatment programs. Our staff, working out of our beautiful Southern California facility, can treat both the psychological and physical aspects of a substance used disorder (SUD).

These services provide our patients with essential recovery tools and a new lease on life. Each one is tailored to meet a variety of lifestyles and circumstances. No two recovery journeys are the same, and Miramar’s treatment programs reflect that. Choose from the types of addiction treatment we can offer you.

Addiction Detox

When someone decides to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction,  the first step is to safely remove the substance from their system.  In most cases, this involves an addiction detox process for drug addiction or alcohol detox for alcoholism.

Because of the serious complications that can coincide with quitting drugs or alcohol, it is important to detox under careful supervision. This is a crucial part of any recovery program.

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Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is like inpatient treatment, but you do not live at the treatment facility full time. This allows you to maintain your day-to-day life while receiving treatment and counseling for addiction.

People in an outpatient program come into the facility for several hours per day to receive treatment and medications or attend group meetings and therapy sessions. This is a viable option for those who come to Miramar and need assistance but do not necessarily need around-the-clock care.

It’s the same level of expert service, just with more flexibility.

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Reach out and take the first step towards long lasting recovery.

Inpatient treatment – also referred to as residential treatment – is a comprehensive program that offers 24-hour care. At Miramar Recovery, you’ll stay at our facility with other people in recovery under the guidance of our experienced staff of rehabilitation professionals. This type of care allows you to get help immediately whenever you need it rather than having to wait for an appointment. Residential treatment ensures that you are always under the watchful eye of therapists and addiction specialists. People who have stressful or enabling homelives are good candidates for inpatient treatment.

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Continuing Care

We understand that a client’s after-treatment plan can be even more important than the initial intensive treatment plan. For this reason, we focus great resources and expertise in formulating a comprehensive, detailed continuing-care plan for every client to ensure lasting recovery.

Depending on the unique requirements of each client, we formulate a rigorous, structured plan for you to follow. The goal is to provide a lifetime of resources and information that will help with the process even after you have left our doors.

Cooccurring Disorders

Miramar Recovery offers a dual diagnosis treatment program, where we help patients overcome substance abuse disorder and cooccurring mental health issues. We provide a comprehensive treatment program that ensures that all aspects of our patients’ health and wellbeing are appropriately addressed.

This progressive method of healing treats the ‘whole’ person on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Evidence suggests that multiple unresolved, underlying issues are the most common cause of addictive behavior. We provide comprehensive and integrated treatments to address these imbalances, deficiencies, and pathologies.  We have found that this approach leads to a higher degree of success in reducing the risk of relapse and giving our patients the best chance at lasting sobriety.

Relapse Prevention

No one suffering from addiction is immune from struggling with relapse. All types of treatment for addiction require active engagement with our programs, and Miramar Recovery offers experienced counselors, sponsors, and others to help ensure an enduring recovery. Together we can address any thoughts and actions that can serve as potential triggers for a relapse and develop a prevention plan to ensure a lasting sobriety.


If you know someone struggling with addiction, we can help you stage an intervention. We orchestrate a structured conversation that is built around the goal of persuading someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs to get help. Typically, this conversation will feature input from friends, family, significant others, and coworkers. The process is guided by a professional interventionist who works to create a catalyst for addiction treatment and allows everyone to take part in the healing process.

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