US FDA Grants Clearance to QuantRx Biomedical's RapidSense Methamphetamine Test

QuantRx Biomedical Corporation announced that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted 510(k) clearance on the company’s Rapidsence drugs-of-abuse (DOA) Methamphetamine test. The diagnostic company’s line of business is on the commercialization and development of diagnostic products in the United States. RapidSense is the first of QuantRx’s line of DOA testing products that are based on proprietary technology that was also approved by the FDA. It is a “one-step positive read lateral flow device” that is going to be introduced to the professional market.
This clearance is going to allow QuantRx to offer a new and innovative product that can be used for DOA testing, says Dr. William Fleming, President of Diagnostics at the company. He adds that RapidSense will complement the company’s current sales which will pave the way towards the expansion of QuantRx’s traditional product line. “QuantRx Biomedical is well on its way to capitalizing on the burgeoning point-of-care testing markets with the clearances of its first DOA panel and we believe these markets offer tremendous near-term opportunities for QuantRx.”
The company is now planning on building on its point-of-care franchise through the upcoming devices that are next in line for FDA clearance.
“We are pleased to have reached this important milestone,” says QuantRx Chairman and CEO Walter Witoshkin. “This is a clear signal that our RapidSense technology will bring real innovation to the broad US marketplace.”
QuantRx Biomedical Corporation is mainly into the development and commercialization of diagnostic products that were created based on the company’s own patented technology platforms. The company is aiming for the wide use of its products in healthcare services all over the world.
With the clearance of QuantRx’s new diagnostics device, it’s going to be a lot easier for authorities to test individuals for methamphetamine use. For more information on this and other related updates, feel free to explore our website.
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